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Morbus is a mod (gamemode) for a game called Garry's Mod which is built off of Half-Life 2. The aim of Morbus was to create a scary multiplayer game where players are forced to make hard decisions on who to trust which will inevitably determine their fate and the outcome of the round. Players are either humans or aliens. The aliens can disguise themselves to look like humans, however to infect a human they must transform into their true alien form. Based on the scenario and situation the aliens must utilize a number of different tactics and strategies to infect and turn all the humans into aliens.

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Morbus Announcements

Morbus 1.5.5 Released

Morbus 1.5.5 has been released and added to the downloads page. Please update your server as soon as possible.

-Fixed hotfixing abilities
-(Fixed?) Map voting (Map list caching errors)
-Fixed error with viewing names on bodies
-Fixed error with crowbar

If you are still having problems with your map votes, please email me.

Morbus 1.5.4 Released

Today version 1.5.4 of Morbus was released.
Right off the bat it fixed a few issues i had with map arming, primarily the fact that the bulldog would not replace the ZX9 half the time like it was supposed to, oops.

Morbus 1.5.3 Released

I am excited to announce the release of Morbus 1.5.3! After a summer of no updates i felt like it was time to finally release the update myself and a few other dedicated contributors put together over the summer. I wish that i could spend more time developing Morbus as a Garry's Mod gamemode as well as develop the stand-alone version of Morbus however college and life are very constraining when it comes to time. It takes me over two hours just to compile all of the Morbus files together, then separating them for the different packs and websites they need to go to, and then finally uploading them, writing release articles, and informing the general public of releases like this. I hope to streamline this process in the future if possible as it means releasing an update is a huge time investment. Furthermore Morbus has become even more popular and I try not to stress server owners into constantly updating their server's version of Morbus. I may implement a sort of auto-update system in the future where servers can opt to download any morbus patches and updates online and they will be applied to the server on runtime.

Morbus V1.5.3 Upcoming Changes

Upcoming and planned changes for Morbus 1.5.3 (This is a WIP list and does not necessarily reflect the finished version)

  • para_augira retextured
  • mor_spaceship optimized and some new brushwork
  • mor_installation retextured and updated brushwork
  • mor_alphastation retextured
  • New map: mor_turbatio
  • New map: mor_facility
  • Updated map vote system, new VGUI and disallows last two played maps to be voted on
  • Organized server and client side code
  • Rehooked Swarm/Brood/Spectator night vision into THINK instead of HUDPaint
  • Impulse system reworked slighly
  • Custom voice indicators
  • Mutator system implemented (Currently nightmare mode {No flashlights} is the only mutator, will expand on this later)
  • Sticky glowsticks
  • New human player model skins
  • Bug fixes

Morbus 1.5.2 Released

Morbus 1.5.2 can be found on the downloads page and soon on ModDB

Emergency Morbus 1.5.1C Released

Fixed a few very important things.

Morbus 1.5.0 Released

On May 27th/28th Morbus celebrates its 2nd birthday, and thus i have released a giant new update!

Check out the downloads page to get the latest gamemode and map pack!

Incoming Morbus 1.5.0

Morbus 1.5.0 is slated to be released on Memorial Day weekend, the exact date is undecided but plan for it on either 5/26 or 5/27 in PST time. There is a wide variety of changes, fixes, and balancing.

More and more like TTT

A friend of mine joined my test server the other day and mentioned that Morbus is starting to look more and more like TTT. More specifically he was referencing to the new Sanity system and perhaps the scoreboard that i put in. And frankly he is right, Morbus is starting to be more and more like TTT. From the very beginning Morbus borrowed ideas from TTT and even some code. Why? Because when i started Morbus almost two years ago I wasn't very good at programming. But more importantly what i wanted already existed, so i just modified that to save me time. The round system inside of Morbus, or atleast the way the timers and what not work, is from TTT. I used TTT as a reference to see how the tried and true method of doing things worked. TTT is a great gamemode, and it does a lot of things well. It has had a very long development life and is still being maintained to this day. No other gamemode besides perhaps DarkRP can say that.

Update incoming

There is a semi large Morbus update incoming, please standby