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Morbus 1.5.7 Changes

An update prompted by the new GMOD update, with additional features thanks to Demonkush.

  • Fixed voicechat from not working (broken due to GMOD update)
  • Fixed flashlights from not working (broken due to GMOD update)
  • Fixed body tagging from not working (broken due to GMOD update)
  • Added a swarm spit upgrade shop (accessible from hitting C (context menu) while in game and a swarm alien) (Thanks to Demonkush)
  • Updated brood alien upgrade icons (Thanks to Demonkush)
  • Updated and balanced many of the original weapons.
  • Disabled issues with the online arming files.

Possible Morbus Changes

This is a list of possible ideas/changes/additions to Morbus for the end of summer update.

Mapping for Morbus

Recently a number of people have had a few question on how to map for Morbus so I decided to put together a little article on how to make a Morbus map. This will not teach you how to use Hammer (The source mapping tool) but it will guide you on how to get your map to properly work in Morbus.

Morbus 1.5.6a Released

It's been quite some time since the last update, and a few Garry's Mod updates had broken things with Morbus. Remscar isn't always around to fix these things, so he was nice enough to let me do it for him. It's not a huge content update, just some fixes to keep Morbus from dying.

Anyway, here's what was changed:
  •  Fixed head bobbing / aiming issue.
  •  Fixed blaster errors.
  •  Fixed bodies persisting after round end.
  •  Fixed ZX9 model scaling.
  •  Hotfixers are defaulted to false.
  •  AFK kicker ignores admins.
  •  Scoreboard no longer checks for version.

You can get version 1.5.6a on the Morbus download page

Morbus 1.5.4 Released

Today version 1.5.4 of Morbus was released.
Right off the bat it fixed a few issues i had with map arming, primarily the fact that the bulldog would not replace the ZX9 half the time like it was supposed to, oops.